31 अगस्त 2012

Who is my love but the soul of my soul

Remembering - Diana, Princess of Wales ( 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997 )  was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, whom she married on 29 July 1981 and member of the British Royal Family
When you say - bye..I still wait for another msg ♥
When you turn around..I still wait for another hug ♥
When you look at me..I close my eyes..I still wait for another kiss ♥
Even after spending a day wid you..I still wait for another tomorrow ♥
I Love you..♥ and my 'waiting' says that I want Our Love to last forever ♥ By Piyuesh
वो याद नहीं करते । हम भुला नहीं सकते । वो हँस नहीं सकते । हम रुला नहीं सकते ।
है प्यार इतना खूबसूरत हमारा । कि वो बता नहीं सकते । और हम जता नहीं सकते ।
Be, as water is, without friction ..Flow around the edges ..of those within your path ..Surround within your ever-moving depths ..those who come to rest there - enfold them, while never for a moment holding on ..Accept whatever distance ..others are moved within your flow ..Be with them gently ..as 

far as they allow your strength to take them, and fill with your own being ..the remaining space when they are left behind ..When dropping down life's rapids, froth and bubble into fragments if you must, knowing that the one of you now many ..will just as many times be one again ..And when you've gone as far as you can go, quietly await your next beginning - Noel Mclnnis
If you look around, you can find a face of God in each thing, because He is not hidden in a church, in a mosque, or a synagogue, but everywhere. As there is no one who 

lives after seeing him, there is also no one dying after seeing him. Who finds Him, stays forever with him - Shams Tabrizi
A lot of criticism and lack of grace and mercy comes from the fact we want ourselves and others to be perfect and we want our relationship to be perfect too . We often have unrealistic expectations that set us up for disappointment .The prevailing message of our day seems to go something like this : “If you suit me perfectly . if you never make mistakes; if you always treat me just right; if you do everything just the way I want to, then I will 

applaud you and receive you into my life…I will love you and accept you…But if you make mistakes, even if I let you stay in my life, the very least I will do is let you know you made a mistake, because I certainly wouldn’t want you to think…you are getting away with anything…I cannot let anything slide without giving you a warning or, at the very least, a little dose of rejection because if I let anything slide you, you might think you can just do it again and again…” The problem with this attitude

is completely ‘unbiblical’…If we want to enjoy life and relationships, we need to live by the truths and principles in God’s word… His word does not teach us to be hard and demanding toward others but to be kind,compassionate, patient and gracious…God is extremely merciful toward us and He wants us to be merciful toward others - Spirited Butterfly
My love is like the Sun that warms me when I am cold, And like the cool water of the brook that refreshes me.. My love knows the secret pleasures of my soul, And delights with me in fulfilling them…Who is my love but the soul of my soul, And the reason for every beat of my heart ..Who fills me with life in the joy of her presence,

And returns to me more than I have given. Come to me, my love, I die without you .. Each day is eternity, waiting for your touch ..Remove the tears from my eyes and the ache in my heart, Be closer than my breath, all my days, all my nights  - Phillip Varady
The world’s Shortest Woman - Jyoti Amge ( 62.8 cm ) India and the world’s Shortest Man - Chandra Bahadur Dangi ( Nepal ) ( 54.6 cm ) चित्र देखें । 
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