26 अगस्त 2012

Baby I am Addicted To Your LOVE

Love Is When You See Her Crying  ♥ First Thing Wich Comes To Your Mind Is To Hide Her Inside You ? ♥
Love Is When You Want Her ♥ To Sleep With Her Head On Your Chest
Love Is When You See Her Smiling .. :) You Want To Kiss Her :*
Love Is When You Pray For Her ..Tears Roll Down Your Cheeks ?  ♥
Love Is When You're Tired ..You Want Her To Make You Sleep In Her Arms ?  ♥
Love Is When She Fall Asleep ..You Watch Her And Kiss Her Eyes ? .. ♥
Love Is When You Wake Up In The Morning ..And You Want Her Around ? .. ♥
Love Is when you just want to say - Baby..., I am Addicted To Your LOVE ♥♥♥
By Piyuesh Maheshwari
साहिल के मौजों में अब इतना आलमे सुकून है । किनारों में जाने की अब ख्वाहिश ही ना रही ।
उनका ही नशा सा रहता है जहनों जुनून में । मयखानों को दूर से...

अँधेरे चारों तरफ़ सायं सायं करने लगे । चिराग़ हाथ उठाकर दुआयें करने लगे ।
तरक़्क़ी कर गए बीमारियों के सौदागर । ये सब मरीज़ हैं जो अब दवायें करने लगे ।
♥ 7 is very great number ..because 7 days make week ,
7 colours make rain bow, 7 rounds make life partner.
but most important is 7 letters make friends ♥
Place your "enemies" on the top of your prayer list and bless them...They are the mirror in which you can observe your own blind spots and dispel illusions about yourself - M.B. Beckwith 
As creatures of story, we long for story; not just wordiness but the quality of interaction story engages in us...Ironically so many of us experience great loneliness as we jostle around each other on crowded streets, overhear each other on cell phone, or cruise the internet late at night...As we practice the art of 

story catching, we can look for opportunities to insert story space into our daily life when we pay attention, and when we are paid attention to, we learn to take our place in the story going on around us - Christina Baldwin
Love always hopes – Even when you’ve been hurt by repeated personal abuse, love empowers you to hope for the best and to give a person a second chance, perhaps even a third and a fourth...Love looks for the best in people and only concedes the worst when evidence is overwhelming - Sam Storms
Two birds  Inseparable companions   Perched on the same tree..
One eats fruit, the other looks on..The first bird is our individual self,
Feeding on the pleasures and   Pains of this world;
The other is the Universal Self, Silently witnessing all - Mundaya Upanishad

It has been so false to imagine that God could condemn us or make us suffer or eventually put us into eternal places of torment... Any God or Divine Presence that could wait for millions of years to dream up your identity, your spirit and your soul could never nurture you and then prepare destruction for you... The mercy and forgiveness and the lovely lyrical gentleness of the Divine Presence is around every person... And you should never allow anyone to break your trust in the tenderness and gentleness of God because that is closer to you than the words of any other human or the stipulations or regulations of any institution  - John O' Donahue
Our Age of Ambiguity..Was heralded by the discovery..
That the motion of atomic particles..Cannot be fully comprehended:

Determining their course of travel..Inevitably changes their speed..
The metaphysics of shifts in consciousness..
Is no more certain than the physics of quantum leaps..
Should we attempt to determine love's velocity ..
( how much do you love me ? )
Then loving's flow will tend elsewhere to go..
Or should we attempt instead to plot love's course.. 
( will you always love me ? )
We shall only take our sails out of its wind..The ultimate science, 
Whether of motion or emotion, Is the art of just being..With what is  – Noel Mclnnis
Ah, how skilful grows the hand..That obeyeth Love's command !
It is the heart, and not the brain, That to the highest doth attain,
And he who followeth Love's behest..Far excelleth all the rest !
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
While the sun's eye rules my sight..While the sun's eye rules my sight,
love sits as sultan in my soul..His army has made camp in my heart - passion and yearning, affliction

and grief..When his camp took possession of me..I cried out as the flame of desire..burned in my entrails..Love stole my sleep, love has bewildered me, love kills me unjustly, and I am helpless, love has burdened me with more than I can bear..so that I bequeath him a soul and no body  - Arabi 
Hope is the force that keeps you steady in a time of trial...Things may not turn out the way you want them to, but even in disappointing times, there is still reason to hope...Don’t ever stop hoping..Have faith...Remember, He is the Alpha and the Omega...not only is He the Beginning and the End, He is everything in between...So, have an attitude of faith as you pray tonight...Place your trust completely in the One who was, who is, and who is to come...So, never stop hoping, infact expect a miracle in 

your life. - Spirited Butterfly 
I wonder..from these thousand of "me's , which one am I ?
Listen to my cry; do not drown my voice..I am completely filled with the thought of you..Don't lay broken glass on my path..I will crush it into dust..I am nothing, just a mirror in the palm of your hand, reflecting your kindness, your sadness, your anger..If you were a blade of grass or a tiny flower ..I will pitch my tent in your shadow..Only your presence revives my withered heart..You are 

the candle that lights the whole world..and I am an empty vessel for your light - Rumi
In the market, in the cloister - only God I saw..In the valley and on the mountain -only God I saw..Him I have seen beside me oft in tribulation  In favour and in fortune - only God I saw..In prayer and fasting, in praise and contemplation, In the religion of the Prophet - only God I saw. Neither soul nor body, accident nor substance, Qualities nor causes - only God I saw..I opened mine eyes and by the light of His face around me..In all the eye discovered - only God I saw.. Like a candle I was 

melting in His fire Amidst the flames out-flashing - only God I saw.
Myself with mine own eyes I saw most clearly, But when I looked with God's eyes -only God I saw.. I passed away into nothingness, I vanished, And lo, I was the All-living - only God I saw. - Baba Kuhi

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